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UDP-USA Press Release on Saihou Mballow Freedon Radio apology

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UDP-USA Press Release on Saihou Mballow Freedon Radio apology

UDP-USA reiterates its previous statement that the leadership of the UDP was duly elected by a national congress of party members in 2010.  A series of public announcements preceded the holding of the Party Congress and on that weekend appointed representatives of the party from every part of the country came and deliberated and pursuant to the constitution of the Party elected all office holders. Diaspora supporters of the party who actively participate in the affairs of the party were also involved in this important event of the party. They provided resources, engaged delegates, provided input in the formulation of the congress agenda and helped in making the congress a success.  The UDP executive is elected by the grass root representatives of the rank and file members. The opinions of non members regarding who the party executive should be, no matter how strongly held, is irrelevant. Similarly, party members who choose to absent themselves from activities as fundamental as choosing the party leadership have no standing in demanding the obviation of the democratic choice of their peers.  This is what makes the repeated rants on Freedom Newspaper and Freedom Radio and the specific indolent demands of Falai Baldeh and others immoral and wrong.  Therefore, we state again that the current leadership of the UDP is the choice of its members.  Those who object to that outcome should look at alternative parties or wait for the next congress to offer either themselves or other people as their candidates of choice to constitute the leadership of the UDP.

UDP-USA categorically rejects the so-called apology made by Saihou Mballow on behalf of the party.  We stand by our previous press statement and the statements our members made on the Freedom Radio with regard to this matter.  UDP-USA had set out to set the record straight on the matters mentioned in the statements and we will do so again when it needs to be done.  Saihou Mballow did not get direction from anyone in UDP to issue an apology on the party’s behalf.  If he wants to apologize personally for whatever he might have done he has the right to do so but to come on air and claim to be issuing an apology for UDP is disingenuous and fraudulent.  This is the same Saihou Mballow who sent out a press release saying that he no longer speaks for UDP because of his public role running an NGO.  UDP-USA rejects in total Freedom and Falai Baldeh incessant lies and vituperation. We maintain that they have no standing in their demands on matters relating to UDP and how it is run.  We urge Gambians to guard against vile attempts to reduce important national issues to pettiness and innuendo.  Nothing will distract us from the role we need to play in the desire of Gambians to help usher in a better Gambia for all to enjoy.


Lamin R Darboe





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