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I Stand By My Apology

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I wish to bring the facts surrounding an APOLOGY I offered to Pa Nderry Mbai the editor and Management of freedom newspaper/Radio on January 27, 2011. Hence all the discussions were made here, it is fair to come back here and hit the nail on the head.  I STAND BY MY APOLOGY.

Once again I humbly thank you for accepting my apology and closing the controversy between Falai Baldeh, Lamin R Darboe and your Newspaper.  

Today the prospects for consolidation of democracy in Gambia depend on the ability of its citizens to uphold principle of democratic behavior. Certainly the United Democratic Party (UDP) stands for these principles to unite Gambians uphold democracy and promote justice for all. The party along other Organizations, civil societies and independent media had continuously campaigned against dictatorship on a democratic platform and that many Gambians have embraced democratic attitudes and values in their day to day lives.

Now the controversy between Lamin R Darboe, Falai Baldeh and Pa Nderry Mbai the manager/ editor Freedom newspaper/ Radio was not a good idea and further more painted a negative image on the UDP. I said negative image on the party simply because I have not seen any serious politician, be it a chairman, coordinator, public figure wage a war against the press. More over encouraging division and promoting disunity in your own party should be the last thing one should think of. Keep in mind the enemies you are creating for the UDP would one day be needed. Keep in mind if a serious problem arises in the party, the party supporters, sympathizers, members if not today would one day hold you responsible for disintegrating the party.

Today what Gambians need most are politicians who would promote all concepts and concerns associated with the process of good governance. Politics is about how decisions affecting the collective interest are made, whether it is decision about the governance, good governance is about the greater satisfaction of the greater number of people by ensuring, transparency, accountability, tolerance of opposing views, respect for the media and freedom of speech.

Finally, in respect to the APOLOGY I made over air on Pa Nderry Mbai Freedom news paper manager/editor, on January 27, 2011, I introduced myself as an ordinary member of the UDP but not as an official of the Party which I am not and do not wish to be one. As a good citizen and member of the UDP should not stand and see fellow party members attacking one and other over the Radio and keep mute. I further said it is un Gambian to see disunity arising among individuals and one promote it.  Lamin, if my APOLOGY to Freedom news Paper in order to close these unwarranted attacks among yourselves has caused displeasure to you, I must tell you that many UDP supporters across the United States and United Kingdom and even Gambia have feel good about it.  



Saihou Mballow






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