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The African Union Should Be Disbanded

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The Spanish President last week announced that, "I will not stand for the 2012 election, because I want to give democracy a chance for Spain...it will be good for my country and party"
Why is it that such progressive stands cannot be taken by African leaders? Why do the incumbent leaders belief that, their country will crumble if they leave office? The truth is, they are refusing to cap their terms of office because of corruptions and crimes against their people. They wish to continue sitting of their rotten stinking eggs.
The AU should be disbanded and a new progressive African Union be set up. All leaders who ruled beyond tens years be expel from the Union. African leaders must give democracy a chance by sacrificing the taste and love of Power for progress of African human dignity.
To allow perpetual election victory as a brand of democracy will only foster the corruption and power exploit by our leaders. They will continue owning public fund, overstepping their marks, and interfering in the Judiciary.
On Ivory Coast, without Guillian Soros and Ouattarra taken matters in their own hands, Gbagbo will go where. Let the AU be disbanded, only those who agree to cap their own leadership be allowed in. A strong well funded military unit be set up, proper network be set up with pressure groups, a seat be made available to independent media, opposition parties, student unions, women rights groups etc in all AU heads of state meetings as part of the awakening of the slumbering Heads of states.
Gbagbo is now negotiating his surrender. Two of his senior generals are negotiating his end.When the AU promised to deal with him, I knew, it will never happen. With monsters like Yahya Jammeh among their ranks, the AU is nothing but a dinosaur infested grouping.The U.N now declare that, the war is over. Gbagbo like other so-called bravado cowards who can only hide behind weapons, however, people always maintain that, the African military will never kill their own people if people come out in numbers. The same thing can happen in any African country.

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