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What kind of man is H.E. President, Professor Dr. Alhagie Yaya Jammeh? A fair description of Dictator President Yaya Jammeh in three different ways.

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                                              Revolutionary Thoughts in the Presence of Fear

   "Dead Men's Path" The Gambia’s 22nd July 1994 Revolution


What kind of man is H.E. President, Professor Dr. Alhagie Yaya Jammeh?

    A fair description of Dictator President Yaya Jammeh in three different ways.

Although politics is murky and people might not see things in clear perspectives as neatly as I present it here due to several considerations, including ethnicity and self interests, it is the duty of the political analyst to strip politics naked of such inherent obfuscations and cut to the bone.

President Yaya Jammeh is very much selfish, greedy and an oppressive head of state, since he doesn’t seem to care much about the poor oppressed and exploited people’s feelings. He wants, rather, to “eradicate just such beliefs as people’s right to fight for freedom and justice.” He is anti-democratic and criminal as his government policy is killing fellow beings with impunity. Yaya Jammeh’s regime is the worst in terms of reckless abandonment of probity and accountability in Africa. Jammeh is brutally ruling the Gambia unchallenged and before whom according to him all national knees must bow.

It is a living fact that Freedom without opportunity is a devil's gift, and the refusal to provide such opportunities is criminal and high treason punishable by the law.  

For submissiveness to become a reliable trait, it must be entrenched in every realm. For President Yaya Jammeh the public are to be observers, not active participants, and consumers of a reactionary anti-peoples ideology as well as dirty political products. Our revolutionary struggle is aimed at seeing that "the majority must resign itself to the consumption of fantasy and illusions. We Gambians are not going in for simple change of President or change at the leadership of the ruling Party (technical bureaucratic arrangements or inheritance) but we are struggling for radical regime and qualitative political system change. According to the ADC’s political programme, Leadership selection for the new Gambia must not revolve around a given personality; tribe; ethnic affiliation; favoritism; traffic of influence; or any other methods of neocolonial tactics and strategies of leadership selection but must be the wish, popular will and free choice of the people. We Gambians need a people’s democratic revolutionary leader who will abide by the rules of total freedom for the masses; participative democracy; rule of law and administrative justice and respect for human rights. We Gambians are aware that with neocolonialism illusions of wealth are sold to the poor, illusions of freedom to the oppressed, dreams of victory to the defeated and dreams of power to the weak. We will buy none of these illusions and dreams. We want our total freedom, justice, democracy, respect for human rights, rule of law and “Nothing less will do”.


I believe that in a democratic country like the one we Gambians need voices will reside in the people and that they should decide their destiny. The aim of freedom fighters, journalists and human rights defenders speak for the voiceless and the vulnerable in the communities through defending their fundamental human rights.

"The voices of the people must have unlimited authority to determine the policies and programs of government which will manage their affairs. As a presumed democratic society, our political leaders must be seen to be transparent and accountable to the masses. The Gambian democratic revolution aims to be the vehicle on which the Gambian people can travel towards greater transparency, probity, accountability and a just social society”.

President Yaya Jammeh is a misled young man, greedy, selfish, autocratic, an evil and a murderous ruler, with an evil tongue, he is an octopus a parasite of the first order, motivated by ego and self-aggrandizement, he wrongly have confident in himself, yet he is unrealistic and inexperienced.

He is also selfish, not outspoken but very abusive; he respects no one, he is capable of doing evil and never regrets, close-minded, arrogant, and lacks communication skills for he is empty in the head. President Yaya Jammeh always contradicts himself as he contains within himself multitudes of contradictions and a bunch of misplaced pride?

President Yaya Jammeh’s political corruption is in the use of legislated powers of his neocolonial exploitative government for illegitimate private gain, theft and shameless plunder of the nation’s wealth. There is rampant misuse of government power for other purposes, such as repression of political opponents, general police brutality, torture and murders. With all these mishaps no one dares speak the truth for you will end up in a six feet deep grave.

I wonder if this state of affairs will continue uninterrupted while Gambians stand like idle spectators. The point of teaching boundaries after all is to foster the Gambian’s development into a responsible and loving citizen and certainly not, to train them to unquestioning obedience.

Unfortunately President Yaya Jammeh grew up never knowing the acceptable limits of his behaviour and lacking all respect for others. Mr. Yaya Jammeh needs for Self-emancipation as an Individual Personality.

Behavioural boundaries that are clear but not too restrictive are needed to teach Gambians respect for other persons, but also themselves, as well as animals, plants and objects not knowingly causing, harm, hurt or damage to Nature or any living creature.

So in all too many cases, much is amiss. The result is generally be that Yaya Jammeh in his drive for self-emancipation goes overboard, becoming overbearing and destructive, totally negative and depressive, to the point of contemplating total Gambian destruction. Or else, hooked on escape: through drugs, promiscuous sex, murder, theft, overacting or whatever. It’s as though he now needed to catch up upon what he has missed out on, while at the same time taking revenge on the loving Gambian world for having missed or denied him something essential (though he doesn’t have the courage or won’t be able to verbalize what that is). Frankly speaking President Yaya Jammeh is confronted with one most vital choice to make in everyday living if he wish to be human rated by all Gambians and peace loving people:

Will his evil life continue to be ruled by fear/ anxiety and the defensive patterns that stem from love or by Love?

Which also means?

Will his decisions continue to be inspired by his ego’s deceptions and illusions or Truth?

It is a decision which will need to be repeated time and again, if he is to be successful in meeting the challenges of his life's task.

At this point in his life, it may seem difficult or fraught with danger, or an absurd impossibility in today's circumstances. The more he have missed out on the fulfillment of those vital needs in his past, the less likely will he be ready for it. But then, overcoming such handicaps and dissolving all blocks to his loving: - this alone is what will give meaning to his life. And in this, are a satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. His Life’s task will be that of finding his way back to Love, thereby finding back to his true essence as a creature of Allah.

H.E. Mr. President Yaya Jammeh demonstrates his close-mindedness when he refuses to listen to the people’s democratic voice, calling for freedom, justice, the rule of law and respect for human rights saying “Dead men do not require footpaths.” Also, he frequently mentions that the purpose of his so-called 22nd July revolution is “to eradicate just such beliefs as that of the people fighting for freedom and justice.”

The Gambian people want to "live free of the trampling and the roar of a bewildered herd," whose "function" is to be "interested spectators of action," not active direct participants. And if the state lacks the force to coerce and the voice of the people can be heard, it is necessary to ensure that that voice says the right thing, as respected Gambian intellectuals and writers have been advising for many years.

Since the Gambian people are denied their natural and legitimate rights then there is a great need for a people’s democratic socialist revolution despite whatever color the enemy gives it. We don’t need Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s seal of approval to fight for our freedom, justice, democracy, and the rule of law and fashion our future.

I wonder what rights the Gambian Constitution gave to President Yaya Jammeh to unleash violence on the Gambian people by brutally oppressing innocent people, murdering peace loving citizens, raping the country’s wealth by emptying the state coffers, unjustly imprisoning people, torture and senseless killings of fellow human beings that the Gambian people do not have as rights like him to use violence for necessity self-defense? Can President Yaya Jammeh explain to the Gambian people and the world at large from what Constitution different to that of the Gambia he interprets or bases his arguments on to kill peace loving Gambians and destroy the Gambia then want to go free unquestioned?

We want President Yaya Jammeh to really understand and realize that our Gambian society is  our national alliance, our human association, we are a one unified body, we are brethren, we struggle to survive through brotherhood, we are a continuous circle of citizenry, we are a civilization, wickedly divided into conflicting classes by the enemy of Gambian society dividing and depriving us to live a perfect, coalition, of colleagueship, in order to combine, ourselves into a commonwealth, of a progressive community, or companionship.

In order for us to survive in this hostile Jammeh inhumane world we are called to forge a confederacy, confederation, confraternity, rich culture and a common heritage, fraternal order, fraternity, fraternization, gentility you name it to stand as a one great man and valiantly fight for our badly needed freedom, justice, rule of law, respect for human rights and genuine democracy.

One dubious feature is the idea that force is on the side of the governed. Here the reality is grimmer. The harsher side of the truth is that President Yaya Jammeh wants to rule the Gambia by force not by reason and public opinion. He doesn’t hear the cry of the oppressed Gambian people.

President Yaya Jammeh is very arrogant since he thinks that his “dictatorial, brutal and criminal methods” of governance are better than the democratic revolutionary ways and he expects all the Gambian people to succumb to his evil will, dicta and adopt these evil ways of destroying a whole nation, even though their desperate search for freedom, justice and Gambian life shows a different way of life.

In the Gambia random state-sponsored terror is used to keep political opponents, freedom fighters, journalists, trade unions and peasant associations from seeking their own revolutionary way to freedom and justice" and to ensure that the press arbitrary conforms, or disappears, so that Western liberals need not fret over censorship in this Gambian "fledgling democracy" they applaud.

"We freedom fighters should be participating fully in combating human rights violations taking place in The Gambia and the African continent as a whole through mass conscientization, mass organization and revolutionary struggle.

"I believe there cannot be peace and tranquility in this world especially the Gambia if human rights are not respected. We cannot continue to live under horrible situations where human beings are animal rated and people's rights are not respected, and violated on daily basis. Human society must uphold the principles of honoring all rights, and value the right for life, as God Himself loves all that lives that is why He created them, and takes care of all lives jealously.

As creatures of Allah the creator we all know that Allah (God) is the Divine Creative Force that exists equally in everything living - and therefore also in ourselves. This is why His love governs our survival. In its essence, Love is that Energy which is the Source of our being which brought us into life and keeps us alive. Aggressing the limits of Allah’s love and authority is kufr and fitnah.
This Divine Creative Force ‘knows’ not only what is necessary for our bodily functioning, breathing in each of the millions of cells in our body, regulating the biochemical processes of exchange, transformation and regeneration as well as ensuring the optimal coordination of the working of all our organs, muscles, nerves, tissues etc. But it also ‘knows’ what is ‘right’ for the development of our soul. Its primary ‘dwelling place’, as far as our personal awareness of it is concerned, is in our heart. This all-knowing Vital Energy is unceasingly active not only in all living creatures; it likewise regulates the circulation of the atoms and molecules of ‘inanimate’ matter. This is why all Holy Scriptures teaches that thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself which means loving Allah (God) our creator. Here we are called not to kill and degrade humans.
The purpose of the individual life on earth is to awaken to the divine essence within: to uncover the love that we are in our truth to the extent of becoming able to manifest this in daily living. Which, in brief, is simply to say: We are born to love not to hate and destroy like what President Yaya Jammeh is doing:

The continuous indiscriminate arrests and detentions of people in the Gambia which is a lack of respect and obedience to Allah’s commandments should be a cause for concern to everyone. The sun hardly rise and set in the Gambia without someone being arrested and detained for prolong periods without being charged or told the reasons of his or her arrest. Murdering Gambians is a game of hunting for Jammeh.

And the fact that these frequent arrests and detentions are done by the state itself, makes it more worrying. It also raises very serious questions about what directions the Gambia; a so called ‘democratic country’ is heading under the leadership of Dictator Yaya Jammeh and his neocolonial brutish government.

I cast a slur on the political leadership profession of Dictator President Yaya Jammeh because such political leaders make me allergic to politics.

The key difficulties President Professor Dr. Alhagie Yaya Jammeh has in the Gambia are numerous. For each difficulty he has, give the cause of the problem. The fact is that President Yaya Jammeh believes in “many evil ideas and enjoys committing evil deeds with impunity,” but has not had a lot of experience with genuine nationalist democratic people to guide him in his work. Very regretfully as all dictators he is not a good listener and a bad adviser and decision maker.

President Yaya Jammeh has “evil oppressive” ideas; the Gambian people have Panafricanist progressive socialist democratic revolutionary ideas. This is a key cause of President Yaya Jammeh’s problems with the Gambian people. He cares less when it comes to being accountable to anyone. He has always been showing Gambians; in the most blatant ways for that matter that he cares less where exercising his powers is concerned. Whether done in the wrong or in the most callous way, all Jammeh cares about is power, drugs, arms, money, fame and women. He has also been using force to silence dissent even if the whole world is showing him his mistakes every second. In Jammeh’s mind he is unquestionable, untouchable and a steel that no hack saw can cut. Under President Yaya Jammeh what pleases his soul is all that matters.  

What is President Yaya Jammeh like? Why do revolutionary freedom fighters describe him as a monkey “imitating the dictators and evil men's magazines he reads and criminal fiction films he watches.”?

President Professor Dr. Alhagie Yaya Jammeh is young, crazy, and confused within himself, but he is a bit innocent because he thinks his so-called 22nd July revolution and the power he holds as his family thing,’’unpeople’’ and does not know how to do things. He is a bit of a follower of fashion and of what’s in magazines and cowboy films.

President Yaya Jammeh is a vain, unrealistic day dreamer, a wishful thinker but a criminal young man. He has “become completely infected” by renowned dictator’s new ideas without thinking very much about it and even thinks that he would soon be “Jola King of the Gambia”

With Mr. Yaya A. J. J. Jammeh king of the Gambia the gates of hell will be loosely and widely open as the Gambia will be turned into a Jammeh jola kingdom. It will be the biggest crime of the century against humanity, freedom, democracy, the rule of law and justice.

Mr. President Yaya Jammeh wants to transform himself to become a criminal oppressive murderous king who will only lead our beloved Gambian brothers and sisters to generalized disappointments or even to the end of democracy, justice and Snatch away our freedom and constitutional rights. The Gambian future is in jeopardy. This will be the” Après moi le deluge” which will constitute the very essence of barbarism, murder and crimes against humanity with impunity.

The choice that we Gambians will confront and that which we will ultimately decide through our revolutionary struggles will be whether “A Panafricanist socialist revolution and genuine democracy” or “the ruins of neocolonialist barbarism” is to be the future of Gambians? 

We don’t want in the end, the Gambia to be the “ruins of dictator Jammeh’s work.” Why should this not happen? What are the patriotic revolutionary freedom fighters, suggesting with this sad ending of the story of Dictator Yaya Jammeh to come like his friend and partner President Laurent Gbagbo of La Cote-D’Ivoire?

This may happen in the near distant future for a good reason: he may just be unlucky as he is empty in the head as he cannot advise himself. Or, he may be to blame as he doesn’t really want to listen to the people’s voices calling for freedom and justice. This will really happen Inshalla because the people will heroically resist with an iron will to defeat evil. We are not a people condemned to destruction or modern day slavery. Enough is enough to swallow Jammeh’s rot.

General Impressions:

The fact is that People’s beliefs are not easily changed. You can fool the masses once but not all the time. We are the future. It’s hard to change the people’s democratic revolutionary beliefs and their rights and giving some kind of substitute is not acceptable either.

Tangible reasons are needed for people to abandon their democratic rights, "and the reasons offered by President Yaya Jammeh are counterfeit reasons, convincing only to those who have a selfish interest in being convinced." President Yaya Jammeh is a lost young man, so has crazy authority problems with the Gambian people. Growing up to take useful advice provides some difficult lessons for President Yaya Jammeh.

As they are big positive changes in the interest of the people he cannot take time and reason. Enthusiasm is evidently the most important factor in many successes. But, “misguided zeal” can make things much worse.

             President Yaya Jammeh Became a Brutal Murderous Dictator

Once the former sergeant of the Gambian army now H.E. Mr. President, Professor Dr. Alhagie Yaya Jammeh is inside State House the seat of government and having unlimited powers, he became a dictator killing and imprisoning his own comrades in arms, potential political opponents struggling for freedom and justice with the fear that he will one day lose power if he doesn’t act to seize the anger of the people. He fears the opposition democratic forces and hates challenges. We Gambians cannot submit totally our will to Allah our creator and at the same time submit our will to a human dictator who came to power by the will of the people.
As his rule became so barbaric and bloody political, prisoners became many in the Gambia and in the prison cells they are subjected to military style drills and harsh discipline. They are often brutally beaten and sometimes even tortured to death. This was the very beginning of the Jammeh concentration camp system Hitler’s style in Gambian prisons. The destiny of the Gambian people is seriously threatened.
Out of the sly and crafty eyes of President Dr. Alhagie Professor Yaya Jammeh of his leap cupidity, cruelty, insanity, and crime; from his lopsided face, sloping brows, and misshapen features may be recognized the unmistakable criminal type.
President Yaya Jammeh’s purpose is "to tear out the radical seeds that have entangled his reactionary ideas in their poisonous theories."  His belief is that the state has the absolute authority to prevent these seeds from germinating and this theory is within the general framework of the criminal APRC junta regime’s policy.
It is true that today in the Gambia we are living in a “new age of barbarism.” However this has its roots not in political fundamentalism but in what I see as the worst barbarism of our century accompanying bourgeois reactionary civilization and what is called “the ruins of neocolonialist terrorism, barbarism and criminalism.”
“It is either a Socialist democratic people’s revolution or barbarism and state sponsored terrorism.” If the latter is the continuation of capitalist relations that has to persist, surely history will entail new destructive wars, famine, and disease in the Gambia. The dominant classes throughout history “all shed streams of blood; they all march over corpses, murder, and arson, instigated civil wars and treason, in order to defend their privileges, their selfish interests and their autocratic powers.” The ongoing development of neocolonialist barbarism in the Gambia promises to be more brutal and treacherous, threatening to turn the Gambia and the sub-region of West Africa ‘’into a smoking heap of rubble.”
“Panafricanist socialist Revolution and peoples democracy,” “has become necessary not merely because the Gambian people are no longer willing to live under hash dictatorial conditions imposed by the capitalist settler neocolonial class but, rather, because if the people fail to fulfill its class and constitutional duties, if it fails to realize a socialist revolution and build genuine democracy, we shall crash down together in a common doom”
Already, neocolonial capitalists are profiting from the destruction, as “African cities are turned into shambles, whole countries into deserts, villages into cemeteries, whole nations into beggars.” Neocolonialism goes forth into the African world “wading in blood and dripping with filth. As a roaring beast, as an orgy of anarchy, as a pestilential breath, devastating culture and humanity Jammeh’s criminal neocolonialist regime appears in all its hideous nakedness.” The “triumph of settler neocolonialism” will involve “the destruction of all culture, and, as in ancient Rome, depopulation, desolation, degeneration, and a vast cemetery.”  The Panafricanist socialist revolution in contrast will offer the possibility of a new proud democratic African Gambian world of freedom, peace, justice, the rule of law, respect for human rights, progress and prosperity.

President Yaya Jammeh’s biggest crime against humanity:   

One of the key problems with President Yaya Jammeh is in placing patriotic Gambian freedom fighters, human rights activists and journalists like animals in captivity that he doesn’t know is the fact that the typical development of their authentic being is arrested at all levels. These criminal acts are anti-constitutional and constitute an assault on our collective integrity and intelligence as an African Gambian People and a betrayal of the Pan African vision and mission but much more anti-Islamic and anti-Christian.

With no doubt and I can assure you that President Yaya Jammeh will shamefully die like a criminal after accumulating more sins than merit and will lead him into an afterlife of restlessness with the devil. Marshal Joseph Mobutu Seseseko of Zaire, Master Sergeant Samuel Kanon Doe of Liberia, General Augusto Pinochet of Chile and many other criminals who are dead and gone who could have given valuable advice to H.E. President Professor Dr. Alhagie Yaya A.A.J.J.Jammeh if dead men can speak.

Those who call President Yaya Jammeh a patriot as he claims to be, is not an unreasonable assumption to make. To tour his mind would reveal a man who wrongly believes that he is a patriot. There have been many such patriots throughout history. Hitler, Marshal Joseph Mobutu Seseseko, General Augusto Pinochet and many others considered they were patriots and genuine leaders.

Hitler butchered some five (5) million people, including children. One of his more patriotic notions was to build a separate college where the Arian race could inter breed. Thus to create a future master race of blue eyed, blond haired children, in which to assimilate the cloning  of a "superior" dominant class, to rule the rest of Earth's population. He was very close to achieving world domination through advanced technical and scientific inspection of atomic power.

In fact, it was predominantly captured by German scientists that under American supervision eventually split the atom. Today America has more weapons of mass destruction per square mile with the capability of destroying the Earth at the touch of a button. We rely on America's constitution and powerful democracy to ensure that they will never have recourse to unleashing such an apocalypse upon mankind.

Here for sure I am connecting Hitler and other criminals to Yaya Jammeh. Certainly the Hitler youth may be compared to the "Green boys of the 22nd July movement" and the Gestapo to the Gambia's National Intelligence Agency {NIA}. To refresh the minds of Gambians I can point out the arbitrary arrests and illegal detentions of many Gambians with no reasons and the International community have expressed its concerns over extra judicial killings and gross human rights violations, especially in the aftermath since the attempted coup against Jammeh of March 2006 and the same scenario continues every year. What can we say about the murders and disappearances of innocent Gambian? President Yaya Jammeh cares less.

I recall the act of the hypocrites, traitors and quislings who are addressing the growing threat of President Yaya Jammeh through their incredible mistake of appeasement towards Yaya Jammeh’s transgressions. These misled people are holding aloft that false misleading belief announcing to the rest of the Gambians that there would be "Peace in Jammeh’s time" my foot. The only kind of peace that Gambians will obtain from President Yaya Jammeh is the peace in the 6 fts deep grave i.e. eternal peaceful rest.

In actual fact it is true that "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" so any one has the right to claim to be a patriot. There claims will not qualify them to be patriots but the following explanation of what a patriot is will give them a good reason to refrain from saying that I am a patriot or such and such is a patriotic.

‘’It is the quality of patriotism to be jealous and watchful, to observe all secret machinations, and to see public dangers at a distance. The true lover of his country should be ready to communicate his/her fears, and to sound the alarm, whenever he/she perceives the approach of mischief. But President Yaya Jammeh always as usual sounds the alarm, whenever there is no enemy. He terrifies his countrymen and women until he is terrified himself. The Patriotism, therefore maybe justly doubted of him, who professes to be disturbed by incredulities."Like all other dictators, Yaya Jammeh surrounded himself with a “criminal gang” of “secret killers,” who operate under his direct orders.

I would like to appeal to the conscience of all Gambians not to be part of a pro-Jammeh alliance supporting APRC dictatorship. I denounce such cowardly attempts by political desperadoes in their frenetic perplexity trying to salvage a rapidly sinking political vessel, and a criminal political system constructed on blood and mayhem. I strongly believe that no Gambian patriot shall never ever support a blood thirsty regime; rather we together should raise arms against a regime guilty of butchering Gambians, together with our allies within the establishment.

All Gambians should cease to recognize the legitimacy of a government that advances the killing of human rights defenders as a policy. Further, I believe that it is necessary to take up arms and uproot such a regime by intrepid force. Unless such murderous policy is publicly withdrawn, my policy in response would always be to advocate for the violent removal of the proponents of this sadist policy and at all costs. Eye for eye and tooth for tooth is the best policy in the Gambian condition.

Why should we join President Yaya Jammeh in his hypocrite peace meal that is very poisonous and fail to demonstrate to him the invincible power of the masses taking the example of Tunisia and Egypt, Chad, Soudan, La Cote- D’Ivoire? The only language that dictators know and can understand is violence in self defense. It should be well understood that the Gambian people are not criminals or terrorists but whatever violent action they take will be a necessity self-defense. The judgments about the nature of President Yaya Jammeh the super-Hitler and the necessary response are those of my critical assessment against the NIA torturers and butchers.

 They are quite consistent with those of other intellectual freedom fighters and the intellectual technocrats, those “wise men” who were “present at Jammeh’s political creation’’. Here I mean the Gambian intellectual administrators and technocrats who helped President Yaya Jammeh consolidate his evil power. I hold them of no guilt or crime for they thought they were serving their nation under the leadership of an unknown dictator and killer at that time. When criminal Yaya Jammeh revealed his real criminal character to Gambians all those intellectual administrators and technocrats who so much loved their country and people abandoned him in disapproval of his barbaric acts and oppressive policies.

In the face of President Yaya Jammeh’s unbridled aggression in every corner of the Gambia, it is perhaps understandable now that the freedom fighters should resist in defense of human values with a savage display of torture, terror, subversion and violence in self-defense while doing “everything in their power to alter or abolish the criminal regime of President Yaya Jammeh which is not openly allied with the Gambian people.”Perhaps it would be a lift to the spirits to be able to recover those heady AFPRC military War days when at least there was a legitimate force to contain, however dubious the pretexts and disgraceful the means.

The task of containment is to establish “a bulwark against President Yaya Jammeh’s growing criminality and his influence in the West African sub-region especially in the southern part of Senegal in the Cassamance region waging a separatist war, the Republic of Guinea-Bissau and in La Cote D’Ivoire.

Frankly speaking "What I and other concerned Gambians feared has come true," Dictator criminal Yaya Jammeh and the Gambian people are "regressing to superstitious tribalism....Civil war appears an unavoidable fate," an "evil neocolonial" war. Gambians in this war will be fighting a war of self-defense and for their survival. There is, of course, no symmetry between the "ethno-national groups" regressing to tribalism.

Jammeh’s purpose of terror, economic strangulation of the Gambia and daily humiliation of Gambian citizens is not obscure. It was articulated in the early years of the 22nd July revolution by Sanna Sabally, Ensa Jammeh and co, some of the hyper-reactionary and criminal coup leaders who were not sympathetic at all to the Gambian plight, who wrongly advised the despotic military leader of the junta regime to tell the Gambian people that "they shall continue to live like dogs, and whoever wishes may leave and go to hell for they are in control."

In the language of philosophy it is said in French that (‘’Rien de ce qui seul compte pour parvenir au bonheur dans la vie’’), mais constitue un idéal de justice, une justice qui n'est pas simplement le respect des lois, mais l'harmonie intérieure d'un être dont la volonté est tiraillée entre passions et raison et dont l'unité n'est pas donnée d'avance, comme fondement de l'harmonie sociale entre les hommes et les femmes dans la cité’.  Meaning in English: nothing that only counts to achieve happiness in life, but constitutes an ideal of justice, a justice which is not simply the respect of laws, but the internal harmony of a human being of which his/her will is in skirmishes between his/her passion and reason and which the unity is not given in advance, as a foundation for social harmony between men and women in a city.

The importance of my revolutionary ideas and calling for a bitter revolutionary struggle against evil in the Gambia should be understood as a guide for positive revolutionary action in defense of self and not as a sort of an autonomous evil system of ideas which will be used as a substitute to the real task of understanding freedom, justice, democracy, respect for human rights and the reality of the Gambian world.

It is understood that general principles of a democratic people’s revolution acts as a framework that will help in the search for the right laws of development to the useful work in a particular situation, in order that we become stronger in accord with precise characteristics of the objective reality and to understand how their way of interrelating powers behaves in the changing process.

To elaborate more deeply, the general principles of a democratic people’s revolution how it will contribute in distinguishing principles that exist since time immemorial, as a reactionary way to look at the world and understand it in general terms the reactionary philosophy as it has been formulated by the ruling class that was searching to work their theoretical principles in a purely abstract manner in a world that seems to distance the experience of the popular masses of their social activities.

The revolutionary principles in the first place is part and parcel of our everyday thought and expression and all our ideas have a base in the revolution if we are conscious of their reality or not. The revolutionary forms of democratic struggle incarnates a revolutionary tradition of multiform and global ways far more superior to that of the oppressors who invade and destroys everything on their way in search for illegal wealth and evil power.

These upright revolutionary principles are needed in the Gambia where ideas based on truth and morality by nature and universality will express a part of its life tissue in the social practice itself.

Since the opposition has been reduced to fear mongering and doomsday proselytizing, ‘It is better that we Gambians should be ready to die standing firm on our feet than to shamefully beg on our knees’. 

“I Koukoie Samba Sanyang refuse to give up. I will `Never give in. Never, never, never.’ So I won't.” With consequences that need not be reviewed.

My mind is wide open to anybody who will help get the ape off our backs.                                                                                           

                               Koukoie Samba Sanyang

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