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President Jammeh Bought a Luxury Home in the United States of America

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President Jammeh Bought a Luxury Home in the United States of America


After an exhaustive investigation, it is verified that in 2010 President Yahya Jammeh purchased a mansion in an affluent suburb of Washington, DC called Potomac, Maryland for $3.5 million. Like other tyrants who fleece their countries, Yahya tried to cover his tracks by consummating the transaction not in his name or that of his immediate family but through a trust called “J family Trust” shown in the accompanying documents filed with the county in which the property is located.  He figured he could do an arms length deal with the equivalent of D100 million (hundred million Dalasis) of the Gambian people's money and add it to his portfolio of naked robbery without anyone noticing.

The Jammeh agents in partnership with his Moroccan wife acquired the property in 2010. The luxurious property reveals to Gambians that their dictator's tough man image is only against weak and innocent Gambians. To his Moroccan spouse, she wrapped him round her skinny fingers.

Yaya Jammeh whilst ranting at the United Nations in September 2009 against imperialism and western domination, hypocritically swindled Gambian tax payers D100Million Dalasis just to please his wife.

Yaya Jammeh has since long ago joined the ranks of mafia dictators whose brutality hides their financial crimes against starving and suffering citizens. The Gambian dictator who lectured Gambians on the wastage and corruption of the PPP regime has single-handedly surpassed Jawara and his entire government in stealing from the state coffers.


While neither the scale nor the method of this theft would surprise most Gambians who have paid attention to the ravenous greed of this evil man, we all better wake up to the kind of dark fate he is systematically producing for Gambia and it's people by divesting them of the two things they require to maintain their dignity ---their rights and their resources.

Gambians need to know where Jammeh gets his money from that he lavishes on himself and others.  How can he afford such a personal luxury with his legitimate source of income?  Jammeh and his family will hardly live in this luxurious home.  May be his wife and his kids may come there once in a while for vacation.  So, the house will be cared for by the house maids (don’t know how many) who will be paid for taking care of an empty house.  The yearly taxes on this house are over one million Dalasis (D1 million) per year.  Do you know how many students from senior secondary school can have their education costs paid for from the cost of this house?  Instead, families are struggling everyday to send their children to school.

Jammeh is determined to have a Gambia that works for only him and those who are ready and willing to enslave themselves to him just for the hope that he may throw a crumb or two to them. They will never get anything from him because the very evil they chose to ignore in Yahya Jammeh ends up consuming them. They then constitute what is becoming an ever increasing class of deserving victims.  Yahya Jammeh is a murderer, a thief, a torturer, and is unworthy of what passes for a basic Gambian. It is the supreme duty of every citizen to all he/she can to remove him from national life.  Gambia needs a leader who cares about the welfare of the people not just his or her personal aggrandizements.


Whilst Gambians are searching for help for medical treatment in Europe and America, the Gambian dictator is spending lavishly for his family in the super rich neighborhood of Maryland, Washington.

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