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Mr. Koukoie Samba Sanyang:The So-Called Letter to President Abdoulaye Wade Part one

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African Democratic Congress (ADC)

Oh my dear Gambian people worry not for President Yaya Jammeh knows full well that griots (Jallykebbalu and Finakebbalu) never praise or talk to a dead man (fuuray)

My fellow Gambians why allow this small boy Yaya Jammeh to play with your intelligence. What is he complaining about? What is he afraid of that he is not comfortable with himself? Whom is he accusing? Why Jammeh is crying foul play when he is always playing foul games to satisfy his evil thoughts? Why should Jammeh continue to dream for living an evil life of human destruction and greed for wealth and criminal power?

When will it all end?

I hope my dear fellow Gambians will not follow everything filthy that President Jammeh throws at them. We patriotic Gambians should do everything possible to make this criminal, oppressive and inhuman government of Jammeh work properly in line with democratic norms and principles and we should be ready to do that purely on only one reason, the need to restore hope and dignity to our dear people; the urgent need to give our people a new start and a new beginning. This overwhelming obligation remains as factual and as fundamental to date. No one will come and do it for us we have to stand up and fight for our rights.

It is high time that we make a stop to all this Jammeh infantile foolery and hatching out preconceived evil agendas for committing crimes against humanity with impunity. The Jammeh syndrome is daily degrading the collective humanity of Gambians.

Oh fellow Gambians have you forgotten about  the so called recorded video cassette alleged to be from the same Koukoie Samba Sanyang apologizing to the Gambian people for crimes he committed in the 1981 31st July Peoples Revolution. Why was this video cassette so much talked about by Jammeh and his notorious NIA mad dogs of torture and murder not aired over Gambia TV for Gambians to be well informed of what goes about in shaping their future?

President Yaya Jammeh fully well knew that Koukoie Samba Sanyang had the original copy of the said video. It is impossible for Jammeh to air the video cassette not to reveal his true evil plans.

Can President Yaya Jammeh truly tell the Gambian people what he told Koukoie Samba Sanyang when they met?

Can President Yaya Jammeh candidly tell Gambians why Koukoie Samba Sanyang refused to Jammeh’s entire proposal and criminal plans of action to criminally destroy dear Gambians?

Can President Yaya Jammeh tell Gambians what beneficial proposals and constructive plans for Gambia and Gambians he suggested to Koukoie Samba Sanyang that he refused and that Koukoie Samba Sanyang can be termed a war mongerer and a person hungry for power?

Can President Yaya Jammeh tell Gambians who was involved in the negotiations for inviting Koukoie Samba Sanyang to the Gambia and for what reasons can he give for inviting Koukoie Samba Sanyang that will benefit Gambians?

What were Jammeh’s numerous promises to Koukoie Samba Sanyang if he agrees with his proposals and plan of action?

Were the Gambian people consulted in this very sensitive issue that concerns national affairs?

 If Koukoie Samba Sanyang’s visit was for the benefit of peace among Gambians, for Gambian unity and cooperation among all Gambian patriots why was Koukoie’s visit not aired over Gambia TV and Radio Gambia?

Can President Yaya Jammeh frankly tell Gambians if imprisoned Baba Jobe was among the group whom Jammeh himself choose to organize Koukoie’s visit and program of discussions.

Why President Jammeh did threatened to drink from Koukoie’s skull in the case Koukoie refuses to cooperate or betrays Jammeh?

Mr. Koukoie Samba Sanyang for sure is not afraid of the truth and remembers that he is a human being like every one of us for it is human to make mistakes. When the Gambian people not Yaya Jammeh and his NIA say Koukoie have committed mistakes and crimes against the Gambian people then this African Gambian son who has offered his life for freedom and justice will genuinely apologize to the people not at Jammeh’s request or pleasure.

What was the statement that was released from state House or from Jammeh personally on Koukoie Samba Sanyang’s visit and what did the two agree upon that will benefit Gambians?

In a nutshell the truth of the matter is that it was Jammeh himself who requested and organized Koukoie’s visit based on tribal lines (Jola) and not on national interest but the motive behind this step was attempts to physically eliminate Koukoie as you can see in the case with Koukoie’s kidnapping in Guinea Bissau (paying over two billion five hundred million Cfa francs, 45 Jeeps 4X4 and 500.000 tons of rice from the Gambian tax payers money to the late President Joao Bernado Nino Vieira, late Defense Minister Helden Proenca Tavarez Mendez, late Interior Minister Basirou Darboe, General Jose Boubou Nachuta marines chief of staff now living in Banjul under Jammeh’s protection all within the Guinea-Bissau government, his criminal marabout of Pakau Jannaba Adama Souvane living in HLM Nimza Dakar and the merchant of death Commandant Malick Cisse also living in Dakar) and numerous Jammeh financed failed plans to assassinate Koukoie in Dakar, La Cote D’Ivoire, Mali and Burkina Faso which is evidently crystal clear that was not in the interest of the Gambian people but him alone in his attempts to remain in power for the next 40 years to come.

Oh fellow dear Gambians look and truly believe me that President Yaya Jammeh doesn’t have peace within himself.

You know what my dear Gambians, only my message below is what is beneficial for all Gambians and let us talk much about it and act to rescue our dear sinking country. Jammeh should not mislead anyone or distract the Gambians and shift their attention from the struggle to totally liberate ourselves.

Frankly speaking let President Jammeh himself do everything possible to come out of the mess he created in his confused diplomacy and poor neighborly relations with the Senegalese people especially with President Abdoulaye Wade and stop beating about the bush.

This is indeed what Gambians urgently need and nothing more.

A Militant Patriotic National Call for a Meaningful Political Dialogue for the Creation of a solid Alliance for the establishment of a Genuine Democracy to Rescue the Gambia from the brutal military rule and banditry.


It is not sufficient to know, one must also be ready to act with responsibility.

Once again as usual with most due respect I take the strongest exception to some of the sentiments and opinions in expressing my militant Panafricanist views to you on the biggest commitment of my life fighting for (Freedom Justice the rule of law and Democracy in unity for Transparency Accountability and Probity in the Gambia)

My fellow beloved Gambian brothers and sisters as you all know that in our dear Gambia with terrorist President Yaya Jammeh’s self-tailored democracy Gambians are in no way secured, free and safe.

We are living in an anti-democratic country ruled by a brutal senseless dictator and we feel we are about to reach breaking point.

The repeated and frequent abuses of human rights, unlawful arrests and detentions without fair trials, murders and brutal killings of innocent citizens with impunity is evidence of Jammeh’s regime seeming to get ever more oppressive and inhumane by each day.

With Jammeh’s murderous junta regime for Gambians feeling secured and safe is a long nightmare. Gambians are not free to determine, organize or conduct their destiny according to their own wishes.

To deal a final crushing blow to Jammeh’s dictatorship there is need for a combination of outside pressure and internal shifts to forge a strong merger creating a unique moment.

Gambians should be aware that the state terrorism and the state-sponsored violence in the Gambia helps sustain Jammeh’s dreams and evil ideas of why not he too to be in power like the founding father of the Gambian nation Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara for (30) thirty years.

It is a shame that with the culture of silence, freedom loving and democratic countries are paying a deaf ear to Gambians crying for freedom and justice and turning a blind eye to Jammeh’s authoritarianism and criminal acts aiming to kill democracy which is viewed by all Gambian patriots as a conspiracy to weaken Gambians for in reality Jammeh cannot keep the Gambia in order.

Oh fellows Gambians are we going to continue to talk to a mad criminal person like President Jammeh who has forgotten how to listen and reason.

However to rescue sinking Gambia and redeem Gambians designed to calm the frayed nerves of all oppressed and exploited Gambians could seem be at hand with the unfolding and uncompromising struggle of the people.

We should end this sad situation of political rage and political witch-hunting and we should not lose our heads over some small distracting issues that are not important created by criminal Jammeh.

On behalf of the oppressed and exploited Gambian people, the entire ADC leadership, freedom fighters, human rights activists, ADC militants, supporters and our sympathizers I hereby once again make a solemn militant patriotic call for the creation of a meaningful genuine Alliance of national patriotic forces for genuine Democracy to rescue the Gambia and embark on a meaningful socio-politico-economic development of our dear country the Gambia.

We are calling for a genuine unity not a unity that will sacrifice Gambian men and women to its end, a unity which will be an end in itself, but a genuine unity which will be a means at the service of the Gambian people and of man and woman.

The reality of Gambian politics is no longer for a strictly limited group of people or for one individual. It is for each and everyone, not only in theory but in practice.

We should be ready to substitute for the interminable futile political quarrels which surround the notion of leadership and the wrong idea that I’m the only one who is right and better than you or others. In order for us to succeed in this great political adventure we should work very hard to promote the rapid social, political and cultural advance of our people in a collective undertaking which must have unity of management, of action, of aims, one faith, unending continuity and discipline.

This Gambian new democratic revolution should be the expression of objective conditions and of a new political way of positive thinking, devoid of ambiguity. It should take as its point of departure the will and authentic aspirations of the Gambian people, and as its goal, their material and moral well-being.

The ideal which should inspire the Gambian democratic revolution must answer the profound and legitimate aspirations of the universal man, who aspires to have within his grasp all the material possibilities and intellectual faculties which will give him a new dimension, allowing him to extend his powers and responsibilities, reinforce his security in a wider collective liberty and ensure his continuous expansion.

We of the ADC call for the uncompromising overthrow of dictator Jammeh by waging a bitter struggle in launching series of political militant activities designed to combat the menace of Jammeh’s political rage.

ADC in its struggle is targeting the evil root of evil in the Gambia. Gambian personality should not be that of adventurer President Yaya Jammeh which imposes its own criminal laws upon Gambians.

We call for the brutalized downtrodden and the deprived to arise like a giant and struggle to liberate themselves.

This is to end the amount of political crime rate going up and end the criminal state-terrorism by the Jammeh junta regime.


Fellow Gambians I wish our wisdom sees the light, and may my message of love reconciliation and unity and my truthful expression become fluent and rational devoid of ambiguity.

May my revolutionary thoughts be a genuine demonstration of just rules regulations and right methods that nothing comes out of it to depart from the truth and justice and may it be an example and guide to other beloved Gambians to see the need to unite?

May this message calling for genuine Unity be a guidance to show the smooth direction of salvation freedom justice and happiness in unity for all Gambians?

I am calling to my dear brothers and sisters of the Gambia against error and those who seek for love and reconciliation so that we all concerned Gambian citizens abstain from that which is unjust unlawful and divisive.

My dear beloved brothers and sisters I pray to Allah our creator to bestow His Divine Grace, Love, Blessings and Knowledge on all of us so that we see the need for us to join our efforts together and come to rescue great Gambia the paradise of Africa.

Dear brothers and sisters I strongly believe that we Gambians must learn to appreciate and enjoy what we are and who we are while we make a good living.

If we are guided by Allah’s light and divine knowledge I am sure we will make a better living or at least live better if we can appreciate and fully understand the world in which we live when we begin to rightly discover ourselves and our common interest and be prepared to defend our interest at any cost for our survival.

Fellow Gambian brothers and sisters this is the moment for us to begin serious mass mobilization to conscientize Gambians in order to enable us accomplish the socio-politico-economic goals of our society.

With our modern Gambia today if any politician thinks he or she is above other Gambians he or she may really be standing all alone lost in dreams of wishful thinking.

Believe me or not Gambians have been pampered for far too long basically. Today Gambians needs a socio-politico-economic and cultural radical change and many behavioral and structural reforms to embark on a meaningful development. We should not fear our responsibilities and we ought not to hide the truth from our people.

Today the cry of our fellow Gambian citizens is going up for a radical rethink of the way our country should be ruled and how to engage in a meaningful programme of work for survival.

For us to avert a tragedy we must have a clear understanding of what socio-politico-economic changes we want in our beautiful Gambia. To avoid an unforgivable crime on the part of all responsible political leaders and Gambian intellectuals we must seriously organize for unity of thought purpose action and destiny for achieving immediate and profound radical changes in The Gambia within the existing order advocating something new and different through unity.

Frankly speaking without cheating and being bias we all know the intensity of dissatisfaction all Gambians feels for the status quo and what specific changes they wish and demand. No responsible Gambian leader, politician, or concerned citizen should think or believe that only mere talk and politicizing and paper writing will cleanse the Gambian society which is so highly corrupt and perverted by President Jammeh’s brutality.

As peoples leaders we should not compromise with our own noble principles to allow the evils that are dehumanizing and devaluating our beautiful people continue to prevail.

Together as concerned Gambians let us seek adequate remedies for the crisis of our Gambian nationhood. Fellow Gambian brothers and sisters we should be well aware that our country’s interests must rightly dictate our thoughts and guide our patriotic actions for unity and our survival.

Today there exists the need for positive collective action to rescue our flagging democracy which requires our collective efforts sacrifices and compromises. Objectively without prejudice and hatred let us face the facts to get things straightened out right now.

My Gambian brothers and sisters enough is enough for we should end the verbal treatment of our people’s problems and we should be able to discern our people’s genuine concerns and positively respond to their legitimate demands.


We should reject and fight mercilessly to avoid falling into the secret trap to be imprisoned in the neo-colonial culture more than ever before by being divided, ignorant, narrow-minded, greedy ,selfish, arrogant, tribalist, spliticist and short-sighted.

We should stop groping about in abysmal pit of folly and ignorance making desperate attempts to ridicule Gambians just for us to become unjust rulers, leaders and becoming rich over night and live in luxury over the miseries of our dear people.

We should not refuse to reckon with the tragedy that involves the sufferings, brutality, murder, unlawful arrests and detention, humiliations, victimization and the slow dying of our entire people by the betraying acts of quislings and traitors (anti-democrats) who solidly support criminal Jammeh.

Our actions should not have beautiful hard working Gambians locked into perpetual poverty ignorance division and injustice.

In our new national patriotic Panafricanist politics we should never trade in political speculation, guess, trial and error, witch-hunting, theft, state-terrorism and wrongly spreading of rumors and wrong information to mislead the people.

Frankly speaking through my eyes the present Gambian conditions are false and deceptive based on a current political hypocrisy and misguidance and it is inadequate for improving the welfare of Gambian people.

It is an undenying fact that the lack of a clear VISION, UNITY and patriotism has tied up The Gambia in a profound crisis and this seems to thwart all attempts to bring about unity and freedom for socio-politico-economic stability and progress.

We politicians in today’s Gambia should be aware that Gambians are not Dumb Driven Cattle (DDC) who can merely hear calls but cannot distinguish intelligently between shades of meaning or subtle differences of value.

Today we should be proud that the Gambian men and women are self-makers and careful selectors having responsibilities honor dignity and self-control with correct thinking capacities.

Our duty and mission is to help Gambians struggle for the beginning of a new Gambian world of self-discovery, self-creating, self-defining and self-developing to be self-confirming for a meaningful solid union.

We have to identify ourselves and be able to measure ourselves with the rest of the civilized world. We should be able to formulate complex policies to rescue the Gambian Nation and turn around the backward neocolonial economic system that had served the interests of the colonial masters since time immemorial and today the neo-colonial anti-democratic criminal stooges in power.

We have to seriously formulate scientific policies for national unity cooperation to further Gambian identity that can be a solid base and starting point for self-realization and self-actualization.

We should begin without hindrance the process of positive thinking for positive profitable progressive action in unity for the interest of all Gambians.

In my opinion I strongly believe that when a good Gambian citizen enlivened with patriotism is a witness to the sufferings and misfortunes of his fellow country men and women then that citizen has no other choice but to participate in the political dialogue and to propose what he thinks to be a better vision of what The Gambia should be.

Frankly speaking there are no objective reasons of why The Gambia should be condemned to poverty and economic backwardness seen the huge scandalous petrol reserves recently discovered and the daily secret exploration undergoing.

Politicians should make great efforts to end the era of hypocrisy never to bend the path of real judgment. Our African Gambian world should be that of genuine Union where things must rightly come together in combined efforts. It should not be that of distinct entities giving birth to contradictions and misguided confrontations.

Let us begin the real struggle to put our Gambian situation in its proper and rightful position and throw off the hampering shackles of neo-colonial fabricated history which is not the history of a free thought and to boldly assert our Allah given rights to be free of evil persons and vices.

We should and must make sure that our every day decisions and actions move us closer to Allah to prevent Gambians living in a Gambia at big risk. As a peace loving and a great nation in Africa we cannot afford to indulge in the luxury of allowing a few shortsighted criminal spokesmen and women for the status quo to symbolize power and wealth.

We should fight hard to build a culture creating nation of two kinds of Gambian citizens-the kind of citizens who have good constructive ideas and the kind of citizens who practically and faithfully with integrity would do something about them.

We should be aware that every great nation that exists today with success have adopted a modern practical political system which was motivational from which the leaders had mobilized their hard working citizens to accomplish the political economic and social goals of their society.

We should not be leaders who cannot navigate a new promising future for the Gambia by not taking into account the various demands of our fellow Gambian citizens.

                                            A DESPARATE HUMAN STORY

A careful reading of Gambian history suggests that our great Gambia badly needs committed fearless visionaries and significant educators who understands what is wrong in The Gambia and dare to share that understanding with the general public and lead them rightly in revolutionary action for freedom and justice and the rule of law.

As we witness a sad moment in Gambian history there is the urgent need to break the political frontier that keeps apart progressive Gambian patriots and bridge the gulf in a bold and imaginative act.

Now is the moment for all Gambians to discover that what they share in common is much greater and more powerful than what divides them and that Gambians of good will must work very hard together and be enriched by their diversity, not fearful of it, if we Gambians are to build landscapes of freedom and peace. Today a national order which is genuine unity is the surest safeguard against political conflict, division and civil wars in The Gambia.

By keeping with this new vision dedicated Gambian patriots must begin a meaningful political dialogue to build a culture of freedom, peace, justice and a genuine democracy.

But in order to dialogue, Gambian civilization need to be embodied in gifted individuals who have their country at heart and are working very hard for national unity.

I believe that the brilliant display of cross-fertilization of ideas will reveal a remarkable range of common ground between all belief systems and different political ideologies.

Our dialogue I hope will also reveal the passion of conscious and visionary Gambian leaders who will take beyond the details of personal practice of self aggrandizement, power hunger and the walls of our retrogressive traditions to construct broad avenues for a future Gambian world without hatred, dictatorship, murder oppression and exploitation.

I strongly believe that instead of competing against each other, sabotage and wishful thinking Gambian democrats and freedom fighters must increasingly try to learn from each other, by using the vehicle of inter-political dialogue to explore the belief systems and political ideologies of other fellow Gambian politicians.

Beyond the excitement of discovering common ground with people of radically different political backgrounds and histories, inter-political dialogue will also bring about “mutual transformations” as we all will deepen and reform our own political practice.

 Koukoie Samba Sanyang










Comments (24 posted):

Kumba Joof on 02 December, 2009 11:52:12
What we are interested in is not a long and meaningless tirade. What Gambians want to know is: Did you or did you not write the said letter? Honesty, like charity, begins at home!

Is it so difficult to give a straight forward Yes/No to this simple question instead an eight-page long mumbo jumbo?
Banjul Report on 03 December, 2009 03:00:49
Kumba Joof, you sound intolerant, just like the Jammeh supporter you really are.
If your senses are intact, no offense, you will read from the article above that it does not matter whether Kukoi wrote the so-called letter or not. What matters is the need to uproot that idiot of a desport called Jammeh.
So you know how you address this man, Kukoi. Gambians will today prefer anyone but Yahya Jammeh who has presided over a divided country of his own making.
What does it matter anyway if that letter was written by anyone to Abdoulie Wade? Criminal Yahya Jammeh is trying to attract undue attention by making such nonsense noise. Bullshit!
Kumba Joof on 04 December, 2009 03:12:56
I have a deep hunch that this is Kukoi himself!

So simply becuause someone demands a straightforward answer from you she is a Jammeh supporter? What kind of convuluted logic is that? Just for the record, I despise both Kukoi and Jammeh, two characters who to me have "dishonesty," "fraudulene" and "violence" as the main contents of their characters.

Oh, yes it is of significant relevance to Gambians if (you) Kukoi wrote that letter or not and no end of attempts at labelling me or anyone else as a Jammeh supporter can minimise that significance.

For if that letter was penned by Kukoi it is just one more proof in my claim that the two characters are basically the same: won't stop at anything and would stoop lowest to attain and maintain power! Both the language and contents of the letter literally nauseated me. For someone who instigated the Gambian youth in 1981 to shed their blood in defense of "the fatherland against Senegalese invasion" to now attempt to sacrifice Gambian sovereignity at the feet of Senegal in an attempt to gain power is simply despicable.

Gambians will sooner rather than later get rid of Jammeh and he shall be held to account for all the heinous crimes he has committed against Gambians during the past 15 years but you too, Kukoi shall be one day held accountable for the crimes you committed in 1981. No amount of political mumbo jumbo can get you off the hook!

I cannot for the life of me fathom why, if you did not write that letter it could not do with a one-page letter to The Gambia Journal distancing yourself from it instead of an eight-page incoherent tirade. Just another political balancing act? That such would not go down well with your handlers in Dakar?
Banjul Report on 05 December, 2009 08:45:53
You are simply wrong, Kumba, this is not Kukoi. You will get to know who I am someday. I promise you, you won’t be surprised when you do.

I appreciate your clarification of your stance as regards your support or non support for that criminal, Yahya Jammeh. I also respect your opinion of being opposed to Kukoi's political inclination, as expressed by his record.
Having said these, I also strongly stand by my point that today, the Gambia needs anyone but Yahya Jammeh. The dictator is the biggest threat the Gambia faces today - our experience within the past quarter of a century clearly suggests that Jammeh will not go peacefully. Therefore, no matter what people like you think, if it means having people like Kukoi to get rid of the idiot, Jammeh, so be it, even if it means working closely with the Senegalese government or any other interest group.
And I tell you what, you sound just like Jammeh, in terms of your feeling for Senegal. That is in fact what led me to describe you earlier as a Jammeh supporter. To say that to work with the Senegalese government to effect a much needed regime change in Gambia is an ‘‘attempt to sacrifice Gambian sovereignty at the feet of Senegal’’ is simply not correct.
We can later figure out what to do with either Kukoi or any other person of his kind before their bad influence take root like this kleptomaniac of a leader we have to put up with at present. But for now though, the priority is to liberate the Gambian people, by all means (I say so with some reservations though).

And I do not think it is bad for Kukoi to have written that letter to the Senegalese president, anyway. Remember that the Kukoi of 1981 is different from the Kukoi of today; and you do not need the man himself to tell you this. We all have contributed one way or the other to the present situation in Gambia. You left me wondering about the real point of your argument. You seem to be condemning Kukoi for his inciting Gambian youths into violence, and at the same time condemning the Senegalese for ‘invading’ Gambia, in a bid to expel Kukoi and his men. Please, change your views towards the Senegalese.
By the way, I have never met the person or even seen a correct photo of Kukoi, so do not think I am one of his supporters. I just happen to be in support of anyway course that is geared towards uprooting the present tyranny in Gambia.
Kumba Joof on 05 December, 2009 12:03:39
Oh Mr. Sanyang!

Intellectual honesty is the name of the game not fabrications and half-truths.

You know that you cannot quote anywhere in my short response to your gibberish where I said I opposed Senegambian integration. It is the manner in which it was done that I and many others have an issue with. The call I quoted "to defend the fatherland from Senegalese invasion" were your own words over the Radio.

Even as you were calling on the youth to shed their blood to "defend the fatherland" you were crying out for help from Bissau and Libya to come to your aid, and even as you were shouting "Abudu Joof, man munu loh maa huhataan" and calling on people to stand up and fight you were on your escape to Bissau speaking thought a portable transmitter.

Is it not a contradiction to on the one hand call on the youth to shed their blood to defend what on the other hand you were calling on others to violate? For that same character to today try to sell Gambia to Senegal just so he can be helped to power? That was my point, if your skull is too tick to get it the firt time round.

Senegambia cannot be done behind the people in political horse-trading if it is on the peoples' behalf it is claimed to be done. This is the simple reason the 1982 marriage of convenience failed. The masses in neither of the two signitory countries were consulted and most Gambians were therefore hostile towards the confederation because we all unstood that Jawar entered into it for his own political survival.

You are just one other empty bbarrel grandstanding. The Marxist-Leninist slogans you shouted were just that, you did not even begin to grasp their meaning let alone understand them. All this after you lost so badly in Parliamentary elections you lost your deposit.

You did not stop there, you later used those unfortunate illetrates you managed to brain-wash "wrestlers and drivers in the main) to join your "revolution" and who managed to escape along with you to Bissau and later Cuba and Libya in further political horse-trading in your quest to wrest power in the Gambia. It is no secret how you mortgaged their lives to Charles Taylor as body guards when he launched his fight against Doe so that he could in turn later help you seize power in Gambia. You cowardly gave orders to shoot Commader Bojang in the back, whom many still today believe died fighting the Senegalese, you gave orders to eliminate Pengu George at the Field Force Depot in Bakau among others.

Gambians have learnt their lessons.

Gambians don't need scoundrels like you, nor Jammeh to bring back sanity to our beloved country. In fact Samba Sanyang, you are a part of the problem just as Jammeh is, and not part of the solution.

You, Mr., have no place in our efforts to build a lasting democracy. I doubt you even know the meaning of the word.
Karamo on 05 December, 2009 12:20:03
Why so mucch hullabaloo from you cowards who hate Jammeh and cant do anything about it. Some of ya will soon die of heart attack. Nonsense
Karamo on 06 December, 2009 10:11:25
Why should anyone who has blood in his veins and not kerosene powered entertain or make issues out of suck purpoted nonsense from a man whose nonsense killed more than a hundre people in Gambia in three days in1981? I say to ya all to wke up to your senses. If you hate Jammeh for his tribe, do you think Kukoi is the better substitute?
Banul Report on 06 December, 2009 11:50:46
Kumba, if this argument is really about Kukoi succeeding criminal Yahya Jammeh, please, let us talk something else. I honestly do not have anymore time to devote to convincing you that Kukoi does not need to hide behind this penname, Banjul Report, to put across his point. Hasn't he already come out and wrote part one of his response to Yahya Jammeh's nonsense accusation? Why would he hide behind a penname only this time to react to an unknown person like you, anyway?
Please, leave Kukoi out f this. The man must be laughing as he reads our wasteful argument.
And for you Karamo, or whatever is your name, I wonder what actually is bothering your clearly ramshackle brain.
Just for the records, bravery is not displayed by foolishly throwing one's self onto a desperate murderer of a despot like Jammeh when you can manage to stay on for the next day to get rid of him in a more tactful way.
I wonder what you mean by us not wanting Jammeh because of his tribe, yet we are afraid of tackling him. That brute of a dictator has all it takes to exterminate a whole generation of Gambians in defense of his despotic regime. How do you expect armless people to take him up by facing him like you are blindly suggesting? In fact, you sound just like him. You are so inconsiderate to say that if the fool of a president is hated by us because of his tribe, Kukoi is not a right choice. Who ever mentioned tribe here? Aren't both Kukoi and Jammeh Jolas?
People like you can no longer succeed in your tactics of distraction by unnecessarily bringing tribal issues into productive discourse, ok? So, you go refine your brain and come back and talk sense. Nonsense!
XYZ on 07 December, 2009 05:39:14
So you, banjul report will settle for ANYTHING/ANYONE as long as it is not Jammeh? This shows your agenda: HATRED, JEALOUSY, +++++ Gambia is greater than your self-centred dark heart and Allah will protect us from your kind. Karamo is right, your heart will burst 1 day, and I pray to God it does pretty soon.
Banju Report on 07 December, 2009 10:11:34
You're simply a coward, XYZ. I don't deal with people who are afraid of identifying themselves... So, you go to hell...
Karamo on 07 December, 2009 11:11:00
Banjul report or whatever demonic name you may have, i bet i know the shit wrong with you like Pa Nderry and that stupid garbage of online newspaper editors. When you provoked the Patriot,reedeemer BARAKADING Jammeh and ran to the west on the pretext that you are fleeing from a hostile regime seeking to persecute you, your believe at the time was that the west is heaven and that you will never want to go back to Banjul. Now you know America and Europe are not the Utopia you fancied, you are so homesick and suffering from the poverty that betide you outhere, you want to do anything to bring war to Gambia that will bring Jammeh down, not knowing that JIMUKORAY is a God given leader who will only go when God dictates it(not when you are alive).
When ya come with ya AKUKAI, God shall wreck you like the people of SAMUDA. Long live Jammeh, Long live Jammeh in GOD'S name. Amen
The rest of you will die soon of heart attack! BANKUDING FURINGOLU.
Banjul Report on 07 December, 2009 05:47:52
hahahahahahahahaha...Itellemu BANKUDING FURINGO ti...nonsense! LOL
XYZ on 08 December, 2009 01:13:17
So "Banjul report" is your real name?? You want Jammeh out and yet you don't have the balls to do anything rather than rant behind a key-board. Now who is the coward? Your 1000000s can't match 1 bravery of Jammeh, looser. That is what is tomenting you and now you want someone to fight your battle for you, coward! Wadda has tried and failed for Jammeh is much more smater, like it or not. To hell with me? You will be there first to welcome me, because as I said, your heart is on the verge of bursting.
With this, I will leave you to digest on what Karamo has said... he just spoke my mind. FYI, in 2 days I will be travelling to the Smiling Coast... HOME SWEET HOME.. Rememeber the school days song? "home again... when shall i see my home?... Well, I for one will see home in 2 days. Poor you!
Banjul Report on 08 December, 2009 06:12:50
You are pathetic. What makes you conclude I am out of the Gambia? You can imagine y I am hiding behind the keyboard...Yahya Jammeh is simply an unrepentant murderer whose cowardice has turned him into a regional liability, intolerant to dissenting voices. If he was as brave as you wrongly claim he should tolerate divergent views. But he would not, because he knows that will show him the exit faster than it is.
And for your information, you Karamo, Pa Ndery is heroic figure here in Gambia, no matter what you idiot Yahya Jammeh supporters say about him. With all Jammeh's despicable agents of death, he can't undo Pa. SO you come and visit Kanilai or State House if you are looking for stupid people. Idiotic fool!
xyz on 08 December, 2009 11:12:17
Wow, that blow was hard on, right? All you can do is resort insults. If you cannot unseat a "coward" as you have beendreaming in 15 years, what does that make you? Chicken! Yaya is Gambia's President, a job he his performing with flying colours. You don't like that, you just have to continue choking yourself. Toment in your hell you are living in I BANKUDING FURINGO. The rest of us will keep on enjoying the fruits Yaya has brought to our nation.
Banjul Report on 09 December, 2009 05:07:20
Believe me u dont hav any idea wat u r talking about. Since I learnt that u r not in Gambia, it became easy enough for me to conclude ur ignoranc about d reality here in Gambia, regardless of ur ranting. If some one reciding in Gambia tells me this, I will not waste my time arguing wit them, because it will be quite obvious that they are sick in the brain.
One thing u might need to know is that I work in government...I know quite a lot about Jammeh that u dont know. 70% of his cabinet detest him, not to talk about the security. Gambians have come to know that all d man needs is praises and u will be able to go on with ur life peacefully. That unrealistic cooperation from Gambians is what Jammeh supporters like u misinterpret as support...u r wrong, simple and straightforward.
If u continue on this dumb path u r on, I will unveil certain facts about Jammeh that u may not want to hear of ur loved one in ur life time. So do not force me to do so...
xyz on 09 December, 2009 10:08:52
First of all, YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOME TIMES BUT YOU CAN'T FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME. Save your breath by trying to convince me that you are in Gambia and infact "work in government". Second, there is nothing on Gambia you of all people can enlighhen me on. You may as well waste your time and try your NTALING NTALINGS or LAEBONE LOUPANES. It ain't gone work on this brother and many others.
What new are you gonna narrate? The so-called Liberian "blood diamonds" Jammeh was involved in; or is about his hijacking og Mobutu's gold; or is it going to be his finance and support to the MFDC rebels; or is it the murder of what, 40 Ghanians with the list adding up to almaost 100 coupled with other nationalities; or is about his drugs and arms trafficking; or is about his going mad and talking to himself in Statehouse; or.... ....????? Bro, go tell your fairy tales to a zombie or obsessed people like you who will absorb it like sweet music because their hatred and jealousy. The majority of Gambians knows the kind of game you have been playing for 15 years, and we are not naive, you will not stop any time soon. The best part of it is, you will remain loosing and burrying your foolish heads in sand. The brother is getting stronger and stronger with the protection of Allah. His audience with VIPs internationally, Heads of States coming to tiny Gambia, internationl events, conferences, the list goes.. does not describe the Gambia you are portraying. All these facts adds to your frustrations, and now you want to bring havoc, so as to start from square 1, as long as Jammeh is out. Your looking for a foreign nation to invade Gambia. You tried Senegal, you failed, Ghana, you failed now you are back to Senegal again. What strange things and how far a desperate man would go. As, I said Allah will protect us from satanic hearts like you, we are are a blessed nation.
Now you can try to convince the would-be zombies and your fellow hate mongers. Be their guest! Don't waste your worthless time on me.
BTW, you are calling yourslef a democrat, how come you hate people with different opinions? How the hell are you to decide who anyone to should and should not support? You see almighty Allah is saving us from dictators like you. You crying for freedom of speech, democracy, yada yada, bla bla bla and at the same time denying others of the same things. Thank Allah you will never get close to even the gates of State House let alone be entrusted with power.
I rest my case... am flying home and have a holiday to enjoy. I am done with you... now take yourself away!
Banjul Reportba on 09 December, 2009 02:24:22
I don't know weather I should continue on this debate with some one like you with absolutely no sense of humor. Actually I find it absurd that u r accusing of what the whole world, including Gambians, have been condemning dictator Jammeh for. I dont care if you believe me or not, as to whether I am in Gambia or not, the fact remains that I am a living witness of teh Gambian reality, i see and discuss with Gambians on a daily basis who are forced to pretend to accept the status quo, even though they will pounce at the slightest opportunity to remove this despot of ours, who has not only been enslaving Gambians, but who has made us laughing stock for the rest of the world with his ludicrous claims of cure...and nonsensical suppernatural powers he never has. What a shame.
Please, go to youtube, search for Yahya Jammeh, and you will see a handful of videos of the goon you call president making a laughing stock of himself and Gambians. Read the comments of viewers there, and you will regret why we have Yahya Jammeh as a ruler. You can then tell me whether the idiot is the one u refer to as blessed.
You see, I find it interesting that you have heard of all some of the absurd corrupt dealings the criminal butcher has been involved in... For your information, those were not what I was talking about, I am talking about his dealings in Gambia which shows his heartlessness and lying demeanor, despite his continued ranting as a man of the people. Jammeh is a murderer, r u denying that? He is holding Chief Manneh, either dead or alive, yet he has the gut to go on national TV and lie that he did not even know about Manneh's arrest. I know he knows about it, because I am in the heart of government. Jammeh killed Deyda Hydara and up until today he continue to pretend he does not have a hand in Dyda's killing. I know he ordered the man's killing, yet Jammeh shamelessly continue to lie about this again. What kind of person is he on this earth?
And you, sitting somewhere in the West, dont know anything about what is going on here in Gambia, except the few things u hear about this country, continue to defend a cheat and a common criminal? Your days will come, contrary to you misguided prophesy...sooner than u expect it.
I close my case until I hear from your miserable self.
By the way, part two of Kukoi's piece is out. U might want to take a look. Your days are numbered. U bunch of murderous cowards. Chamm!
xyz on 10 December, 2009 05:49:33
Ntaling, ntaling, bla bla bla... So, this is what new you have to tell?
All your nonsense propaganda ain't working for you.
Now Kukoi (Gambia's enemy No 1) of all people is your saviour, how desperate!! You see how a looser you are, counting on the biggest looser of loosers to come to your rescue. You heard of how desperately he is begging and stooping to the lowest level to Wadda. What a miserable soul you are. I do not pity you, and as I said earlier, I pray your heart bursts sooner, I BANKUDING FURINGO. While you suffer in your living hell, Jammeh is at his highest
Banjul Report on 10 December, 2009 03:52:36
Yes, you r very right when u said 'While you suffer in your living hell, Jammeh is at his highest'. That is exactly why we Gambians cant bring ourselves to accept the dictator for what he is...He is responsible for us being in 'living hell.' He is a traitor to Gambians. He lies to us by saying that he wants to help us, while all he is doing is looting our coffers for his personal use. You think that makes him any better than any Gambian? No.
See what happened to Nino Veira? See what has just happened to Captain Captain Camara in the other Guinea? When Jammeh's time comes, even u will be surprised how it happened ... Mark my words, buddy. Gambians are fed up here. And we will let him learn his lessons the hard way...no joke, brother. Have a nice stay in Gambia.. ACtually if it were not for the treacherous nature of yoru criminal regime, I could have challenge u on a table soemwhere, and discuss with u face to face.
I will give u an assignment fine out how dictators have ended...and u will see that all what Jammeh is gather wrongfully will not mean anything beneficial to him when we will have uprooted him.
Issa Faal on 10 December, 2009 04:03:00
XYZ, u sound to ignorant for my liking, I swear. What kind of nonsense are u propagating for Yahya Jammeh who has constantly been a source of shame and suffering fo Gambians?
You and all those who support the dictator have one thing in common. Just like him, the dictator, u are celbrated lairs who do not think about God when denying the plain truth. How could u say reports of arrest of Chief Mannhe and killing of Deyda Hydara is mere propaganda?
May god save ur soul!
xyz on 10 December, 2009 11:06:59
bla bla bla...... just the usual rhetoric, all what y'all loosers have in common. Hating anyone who is with Jammeh, well that's your problem not mine. Am not in for a liking contest. Dictators don't like "dictators" and always crying foul in their own game. People are aware of what you stand for, this is the age of enligthenment for ordinary Gambians, something that no one but your "dictator" has brought. Call the hot burning sun the moon, that's your problem.
You've all been waiting for Jammeh's time for 15 years. Well, you'll have to wait and keep on day-dreaming and hoping for a hopeless saviour. That time is only in Allah's hands not you loosers.
I pity y'all!
Karamo on 11 December, 2009 10:01:19
XYZ,please forget about these nonsense, idiotic gambians whose parents have stollen our national wealth and Jammeh seized it from them legally through assets comissions. Before in 80s they ride in those black comfortable government Mercedes to go to school and also eat fish and chips when we ate cold KUCHA DURANG in the village. So i think you can now see why Kumba Joof and Banjul report are jealous.Enjoy your stay in Gambia. Banjul report may soon succumb to his heart problem.
Banjul Report on 11 December, 2009 02:27:43
People like u don't mention Allah in ur mouth, cos u rn't clean enough to do so. Ppl who associate with murderers do not fit associating themselves with God. We are the oppressed, we r the ones looking on to God, not you murderous bunch.Remember that Jammeh's father figures, the likes of Hitler, Starlin, Mussolini, Castro, u name them, all forged an identity that never existed, forcing the outside world to believe that the have the people's support, a support the usurped by instilling fear in the very same people they claim to be serving. But u know what it, the truth eventually prevailed...they turned out to be the most monstrous rulers, and a greater section of their people despise their memories to the core. This is the faith of this murderous thieving son of ours who presides over a divided country thanks to his own making... His nemesis will surely catch up with him, and u will share in his reward.
Yes, 15yrs is very long, that makes living in Gambia unbearable, but throughout religious history, u might have learned that the almighty Allah wa never in a haste to with the unbelievers who served as obstacles to the course of His messagers...He sooner or later got hold of them...Pharaoh, for instance, ended up in what he ended up...did his long timer of disobedience made him any more important than the worthless being he was? No.
Yahya Jammeh's sin to human beings are enough to get him into hell fire...but between him and God is worst...He goes about with A FETIS book he calls the Qur'an, alongside the beads in his hands, yet he spends all his time watching half naked women in Kanilai in teh name of cultural celebration...? Not to mention his horrible record of murdering innocent ppl, especially alleged coupist...Almamo Manneh, Bashirou Barrow, u name them...u dare still sit there and tell me this 'revolutionary' turned witch hunter is a good man? Or r u going to defend his onslaught against poor innocent elder Gambians he and his killers called witch? I will conclude that you r just as insane as the dictator himself...
Anyway, we will talk this out some time later... for now, have a safe fly home.

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