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Alleged Torturer Promoted Again

By The Gambia Journal
Jul 21, 2007, 17:34

Banjul, July 20 The Gambia Journal


An alleged notorious torturer, Captain Musa Jammeh is one of two military officers promoted by President Yahya Jammeh on Friday 20th July in a ceremony held at State House. Captain Jammeh was promoted to the rank of Major while Chief of Defense Staff Brigadier Lang Tombong Tamba was made Brigadier General, the first of its rank in the country’s military history. Less than three months ago both men, who are of Jola-speaking stock just like the president himself,  were promoted to the ranks of captain and brigadier respectively on the 2nd May earlier this year.


In an apparent attempt to dispel suspicions of ethnic favoritism, President Jammeh told the gathering at State House is promotion policies are not base on the conventional notions of seniority or longevity of service, but on what he called loyalty and performance.  Both newly promoted men are said to have played key roles in the foiling of last year’s alleged coup attempt and in managing the repression unleashed in its wake.    

Musa Jammeh has been accused of torture by more than a dozen persons in courts over the last year and the online Gambia Journal has named him as its first in a campaign aiming to stop torture in the country that it launched recently. Brigadier General Tombong Tamba heads the Gambia Armed Forces as Chief of Defense Staff while Major Jammeh, is the head of the State House Guards. Also speaking at the promotion ceremony, Vice President Aja Isatou Njie-Saidy who as usual echoed the president’s sentiments by singling out the two men as people who particularly deserve the promotions. She however urged the men to “continue doing the good work.”



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