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Daily News Last Updated: Jun 15th, 2006 - 20:14:55

Hon. Sanneh Bojang Replaces Detained Kamaso
By The Gambia Journal
Jun 9, 2006, 19:06

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Banjul, June 8 The Gambia Journal

Hon. Nyimasata Sanneh Bojang, a nominated member of the National Assembly has been overwhelmingly voted to replace Hon. Duta Kamaso at the ECOWAS parliament. Mrs. Sanneh Bojang was voted in with only one abstention on last Monday, 5th June, National Assembly’s sitting. The voting came after the Speaker Mr. Belinda Bidwell told the assembly that Hon. Kamaso had been expelled from the APRC and automatically lost her seat in the assembly. She said Mrs. Kamaso who was only last week elected to be a member of the sub-regional party must be replaced. Mrs. Kamaso has been in detention since her expulsion, or perhaps before, over a week ago. Though her expulsion from the party was headline news in state radio and television, the authorities are yet to disclose the reason for the arrest and detention or if she has been charged. Sources close to the APRC say though they do not know the reason for her detention, they say they know she had not been in good terms with both the District Chief and APRC chairperson of her district in the Wulis, URD.

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