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Coach Tony Hey Asked To Reconsider

By The Gambia Journal
Nov 27, 2006, 14:10

Musa Sise

The embattled head coach of the national side, Tony Hey has said that he has been asked to reconsider his decision to quit his job as head coach of the  Gambia’s Scorpions.
Tony Hey who is currently in Minsk, Bella Russia said he had a long telephone call from Sports Secretary Omar Faye, who asked him to reconsider his decision and promised him that, he has now taken the responsibility of making sure that all his dues are paid before the closure of business today and that his needs are satisfied as stipulated in his contract.
“Tony said, “I am promised that such a situation will not arise again, and that the minister regretted what happened”.
Speaking to Tony in a Minsk hotel, Tony said “I will be returning to Germany on Sunday and then I will be travelling to the Gambia on Tuesday at the minister’s request to resolve all these problems. I have to keep my options open and if I don’t like what I see, I will just return to Germany because this is all strange to me”.
In his typical German expression, Tony asked why such should happened.” I like The Gambia, because there is prospect, I like the team but these things don’t happen in Germany. Everybody likes to be respected but this is no respect. I told them what I want and how I want to work and they did not respond. I have said that, the response from Banjul is always positive but there is no substance. We have to see this time.” Tony concluded.
Tony’s decision to quit as head coach of the national side came about following his failure to receive his three months wages, a signed copy of his contract and other expenses.
The German coach was also disappointed to have returned from Banjul earlier this month without securing the funds for his proposed training camp in Germany as apart of his preparation for the national side against Guinea in March. Tony returned home with the promise that the money and his contract will follow shortly but nothing came out of his visit.
Following a series of telephone calls from Germany which came to nothing, Tony decided that it was time to move on.
However, following the Secretary of Sports intervention and promise, Tony will be going to Banjul on Tuesday.

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