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Monday Abruptly Made Public Holiday

By The Gambia Journal
Dec 19, 2006, 15:54

Banjul, December 18 The Gambia Journal

In line with his mercurial style of rule President Jammeh late on Sunday night, while presiding over a musical concert by the Senegalese megastar , Youssou Ndure, at the July 22nd Square, decided to declare the following day, Monday 18th December a public holiday. Both Friday 15th and Saturday 16th December 2006 had been declared public holidays because of Mr. Jammeh’s inauguration for his third term in office as President of the Republic. Friday was his swearing in into the office of the presidency held at the Independence Stadium Bakau , while Saturday saw tens of thousands of ruling party supporters, cabinet members, top civil servants and others in a marathon concert to celebrate President Jammeh’s victory in last September’s elections. At the victory celebrations however, Jammeh’s flagship, high-tech sound system failed to perform properly to the great embarrassment of the President who had been dancing to the sounds of Jamaican musician Frankie Paul. To compensate for the disappointment, The Gambia Journal has learnt, Jammeh send some of his men to call and talk to the Senegalese musician to come for Sunday’s impromptu concert. Because the concert went late to Sunday night, Monday was declared public holiday without the knowledge of many people.

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